Tamarind Paste

Freshly plucked tamarinds are brought to Hanson Foods for its pulp to be finely processed into a paste. Tamarind paste has a little bit of sweet and tangy taste, depending on the time it is riped. Highly used in the subcontinent, it is added to many South Asian dishes as an add-on for additional flavor and taste enhancer. Traditional methods of preparing its paste can be inconsistent so, with careful selection and our top-notch food processing techniques, Hanson Foods provides you with a constant taste of tamarind paste suitable for your extraordinary recipes. No artificial coloring or flavor is used in its making.


Tamarind paste makes it a matter of seconds to make the oh-so-tasty tamarind chutney. Tamarind is also highly used in South Asian and Thai dishes, giving them the extra layer of sweet but tart their ecstasy requires. Tamarind paste is significantly used for making sauces, dips and other condiment items as well.