Mint Chutney

Regularly used in most homes, Mint Chutney has become an integral part of South Asian kitchens. The condiment has an appealing minty taste, catering to the spicy appetite of Pakistani people. It gives an additional layer of taste to appetizers like Samosas and veggie rolls.

Hanson Foods preserves the taste of the most savory and sharp flavored mint chutney and delivers to its consumers, a bottle of mouthwatering delight.


Mint chutney is a common part of the kitchens of the subcontinent. A great add-on to be served with cumin or plain rice, savory snacks, or with cutlets, samosas, and other snack items. It is often used even in dishes like Biryani, or to spice up your vegetarian burgers and sandwiches. One of the amazing uses of it is the mix of yogurt and mint chutney to create the delicacy known as mint raita!