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Presenting South Asian recipes that are bound to cause immense salivation! From Nihari to Galouti Kebab, get ready to create and experience the tender and flavorsome sensation that is empowered by our line of Hanson’s products!

Behold readers! These Chicken Recipes will blow you away! Chicken is a lean protein ingredient that’s versatile and healthy. Those greedy for fusion are about to be captivated by creative recipes like the Chicken Tikka Hearts, and the adventurous souls, get ready to prepare amazing recipes like Chicken Curry, Mustard Crisp Chicken or Chicken Fingers in super easy steps!

Vegetables are an essential part of southern Asian cuisines and with these recipes, you can enhance your appetite to a better taste! From Mushroom Sauce with Paneer Stuffed Karela to Vegetable Tempura, these Hanson’s products empowered recipes will blow even the minds of every meat lover!

If you’re looking for a tasteful, easy to prepare, healthy recipe that’s powered with delicacies from the sea, Seafood Recipes are the way to go! From the traditional Jheenga Biryani, delectable Prawn Curry to the treats of Prawn Rice Balls, effortlessly cook and serve to impress!

Want to eat something ordinary but also craving for a bit of twist? Check out Hanson Foods Lentil Dishes! Many different recipes, many different variations, available just for you to use and enjoy!

Tired of your ordinary rice dishes? Well then Hanson Foods’ Rice Dishes are here to save your day! Many mouth-watering recipes, each with a twist of their own to make you crave for more!