About Us

Hanson foods embarked on its journey in 2005 to become a renowned brand. In the times of so many chemical-based products, we have always hoped to spread the use of healthy and organic products.

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Hanson foods officially embarked on its journey in 2005 to become a renowned brand. It all started from a garage level set up in 2002, with all our hard work finally bearing fruit by the end of 2004 when Hanson Foods was established as a fully-fledged company.

In the times of so many chemical-based products which can be unhygienic and unhealthy for our people, we have always hoped to spread the use of healthy and organic products by maintaining a proper and continuous production of value-added products, getting agricultural goods from the reliable farmers and preserving its natural components using revolutionary techniques throughout the processing.

We have also established exports of various products, like pickles, fried onions and chutneys, in the African, European, North American and Australian markets, making a stand in the international market and helping the economy of Pakistan thrive

Also catering several B2B clients, Hanson food’s creates good profits from both B2C and B2B sales and puts it to good use by improving on our quality maintenance process. Our three key principles have always been “Quality, Quantity and Taste”, and upholding them has led us to where we are today. We stand tall for our affordable yet top quality products that have gained us our reputation in international market

Furthermore, we deeply care about our customers, giving proper attention to our customer care and customer feedback, and sharing with them recipes of delicacies of the subcontinent, providing fantastic experiences to our consumers.

Hanson Foods aim to become one of the top brands providing the best products to be used for everyday food experiences and to give our consumers a clean and healthy kitchen experience. We are on a constant hunt for new consumers and markets, extending our reach to house kitchens, restaurants and even other businesses, providing our valuable consumers with top quality products using trending packaging techniques. With an ever increasing competition in the market, we aim to provide to our customers all the essentials with proper packaging in affordable prices.

At Hanson Foods, our quality is our strong suit. We believe in the usage of organic goods in our products and keeping track of our Quality Management system to provide to our consumers healthy and tasty products. Our products go through an extensive process of quality testing and are within the standards of international regulations.

For us, providing quality products to our customers is something that should be religiously pursued.


Hanson Foods has always targeted global markets repeatedly. We have established a landmark on various locations like Russia, Australia, Canada, UK, etc. We make constructive plans for products enhancement, promotion, and development for specific markets.

Hanson Foods is known world wide for its consistent taste, hygiene and value for money. And with the help from various encounters with other businesses, Hanson Foods continues to lay roots in various other markets.


Hanson Foods products are available in the major cities of Pakistan. We make sure that our products are easily accessible and are plenty in volume even in the local market. Good distribution and utilization of our wholesalers allow us to maximize customer satisfaction.

Private Labeling

A major focus of ours has been on Private Labeling. We provide to our customers the perfect products to be branded by them using our special techniques and up-to-date equipment. We always focus on meeting every demand from our customer within time under proper procedure.